Does DJI Mini 2 Have Follow Me? (A Quick Guide)

Does DJI Mini 2 Have Follow Me?

DJI is continuously elevating the bar for high-end consumer drones. With the introduction of the DJI Mini series, they have done so once more. The DJI Mini 2 drone has a lot to offer, and it is arguably the best drone under $500 currently in the drone market. Does DJI Mini 2 have Follow Me?

The Follow Me feature allows the drone to follow you wherever you go. However, not every drone comes with this feature built-in. Unfortunately, the DJI Mini 2 lacks the Follow Me option. DJI has deleted several sensors, including those required to activate the Follow Me feature, to keep it tiny and compact, and to keep the drone’s weight below 250 grams.

Does DJI Mini 2 Have Follow Me?

DJI Mini 2

Even though the DJI Mavic Mini 2 lacks the Follow Me feature, it is still a fantastic drone for beginners. You can fly it right after you take it out of the box, mainly since the take-off weight is restricted to 250 grams. You don’t need to register it with the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority). Therefore, the DJI Mini Series design team has removed any hardware that is not necessary. This was done to keep the weight limit below 250 grams to meet the requirements of the FAA policy and exclude it from being required to be registered. The crucial front and side obstacle avoidance sensors were also removed, which are necessary to activate Follow Me mode.

Was Excluding The Follow Me Feature A Bad Idea?

Even though the DJI Mini 2 does not come with a Follow Me feature, it is by no means a lousy drone in terms of what it offers. Although many capabilities that could have proven to be very helpful have been removed from the DJI Mini series, you can still utilize the drone to simulate the Follow Me functionality, albeit in a different way.

does DJI mini 2 follow me? Now that you have your answer, you might ask yourself if the drone is even worth its price. In addition to the basic qualities of a beginner drone, it has many other characteristics that make it a desirable choice for novice drone fans.

The Litchi App Hack

There has been a race among third-party apps to support the Mini 2 and add functionality that the official DJI Fly app is missing. The most recent version of the Litchi app now offers many extra capabilities for the Mini 2, such as the Follow Active Track and Me. Both the follow-me and active track features are included in this.

So does DJI Mini 2 follow me? Not exactly, but there is a way to activate it. This can be done using the features of a third-party app such as Litchi. This premium app is an excellent substitute for the DJI Fly app and is accessible on Android and iOS devices.

Using the Litchi App to access the Follow Me feature is pretty simple. First, you have to choose the Follow Me option inside the app. Next, choose your point of interest, and the drone will start to follow you. This works just like in the DJI Fly App for other drones.

Because the DJI Mini 2 lacks obstacle avoidance sensors, ensure you fly it over an open area without nearby trees or power lines to avoid accidents.

The DJI Fly App Hack

Drone Control App

It is understandable if you’re skeptical about using a third-party app and linking it to your drone. Even though it can be tricky, you can still use the DJI Fly App to copy the Follow Mode feature. Similar to the Follow Me feature, you can set your Mini 2 to follow you; however, this time, the rapid shot mode will be used for image processing rather than a GPS-enabled lock.

Quick shot modes are predetermined flight paths that use active track-like image recognition. You select a point of interest—it could be you or your moving car, and then the drone follows a predetermined path around that point of interest.

We will employ the Circular motion rapid shot mode to simulate the Follow Me functionality which utilizes quick shots. The drone flies around your chosen object when you choose to record a video with Circle mode enabled. However, if you move forward after the drone starts flying around you, it won’t be able to fly around you and will instead continue to follow you.

Be mindful of your pace; moving too quickly won’t make the drone won’t lose sight of you, but moving too slowly, your drone will begin to circle you to complete the film. Make sure you are in an exact location that does not have too many trees or other obstructions to use. Attempting to do this in woods or other congested areas might lead to the Mini 2 crashing because it lacks obstacle avoidance sensors.

You can only make use of this when you are traveling straight, which is a huge restriction. Unlike the true Follow Me capability available in high-end drones, this hack won’t work when you move in an inconsistent manner. To make this viable, you must continue to walk or move straight ahead. To do this, open your quick shot menu, choose the circle mode, then choose yourself and set the circle’s direction to match your intended movement.


does DJI mini 2 have follow me? While it doesn’t come readily equipped with the Follow Me feature, there are several ways to mimic the function. You can use the Litchi app, a reliable third-party app, or the roundabout method in the DJI Fly app itself. After reading this article, you will be able to replicate somewhat the functionality of the Follow Me feature for your DJI Mini series 2 drone.

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