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Roomba 692 Vs. 694 – Here’s Why You Need Roomba 694

roomba 692vs 694

Robotic-oriented accessories have proved beneficial in this technological era. These robotic items help us save time, conserve energy, and provide luxurious life.

The same is true for Probiotic Roomba 692 and 694 robot vacuums. Both are used for cleaning purposes and are equipped with advanced features to help homeowners tidy up their homes and apartments.

Nevertheless, there is a considerable difference between these Roomba models regarding their characteristics, specifications, and prices. Such difference clarifies which one to buy and use with confidence and which one is cost-effective amid your tight budget.

Before moving into the details, let’s discuss quickly the Roomba 692 vs 694.

Roomba 692 Vs 694 ( Quick Comparison )

While talking about Roomba 692 vs 694, both are great and efficient cleaners. But certain characteristics make Roomba 694 more advantageous as compared to Roomba 692. Let’s discuss the difference between Roomba 692 and 694 in detail.

Roomba 692 gives high performance ranging from 97-99% even on all kinds of carpets, low quality or high quality. Its well-advanced cleaning system, cost-effectiveness, modern navigation techniques, and ability to carry out activities on scheduled plans compel people to prioritize it over Roomba 692.

Moreover, the big difference between Roomba 692 and 694 is that you can easily buy Roomba 964 parts from the market after production because of its massive availability.

It is equipped with connectivity associated with the smartphone, as you can easily control it through your smartphone anytime and anywhere despite the distance.

The presence of a high filtration system provides you with plenty of health benefits, especially for allergic people. Roomba 694 can easily collect dust particles and clear atmospheric air for your breathing.

In contrast, the shortcomings mentioned above of Roomba 694 dilute its performance. So if you are looking for good performance in a vacuum cleaner with well-developed technology at a lower price, Roomba 694 is worth considering the choice for you.

Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum

Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum

Roomba 692 is a well-designed and well-equipped robotic cleaning machine that helps you clean your mess effortlessly. It is usually characterized by the presence of state-of-the-art attributes, which make it more special and admirable.

When it comes to irobot 692 vs 694 the Roomba 692 works on the phenomenon of piezoelectricity. If you live in quite a messy home, the dirt sensor of the Roomba 692 will send signals to Roomba to make your home cleaner and acceptable for living in no time.

It is suitable for all kinds of places ranging from hardwoods, linoleum floors, carpets, and marbled floors.

Equipped with the facility of built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, it reduces your discomfort of handling and initiating it manually. The presence of several sensors allows it to clean your home perfectly and efficiently.

So, if you are looking for such kinds of perks and advantages between irobot 692 vs 694, Roomba 692 is a good choice for you.

Effective cleaning

If you are a cleanliness freak, Roomba 692 provides you with a better and clear view of your house. The smart cleaning feature of this robot vacuum takes care of any mess on the home floors and takes care of everything.

It provides you the facility of deep cleaning as it is equipped with a dual-surface brittle brush system which allows it to clean edges and corners.

It is cost-effective for doing a marvelous job of cleaning your home.


It rules out the possibility of purchasing extra accessories. Its compatibility with all kinds of surfaces offers you a sense of versatility to effortlessly handle all types of floors in your home.


Roomba 692 negates wasting all the time keeping a watchful eye on it. However, its connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth helps you control and manage it from a distance through your smartphone. And, you will be able to do other chores without worrying about cleaning your home.

Easy to turn on

It is easy to use and start. So, you can use it every day to clean your house.

Voice-activated system

Roomba 692 keeps you away from such an unpleasant ordeal because you can easily locate it in your home with the help of Google Assistant and Alexa. In turn, it will respond with a beep.

Smart Navigation

The Navigation system comprises several dirt detectors that can easily spot every speck of dust and dirt on your floors.

Battery life

It has good battery life and an easy charging pattern.


You get good cleaning results as it can remove 95% of dirt and debris. It proves beneficial for pet owners because it can easily pick up the pet’s fallen hair.

Dust Bin

It has a dustbin capacity of 0.6l, much better than the other average vacuum cleaners.

Reasons For Avoiding The Use Of Roomba 692

Every technological item comes with positive as well as negative aspects. Negative aspects provide you with some insight into prioritizing the other items. The same is the case with Roomba 692; after discussing its plus points, there is a need to shed light on its negative aspects. There are some reasons for not choosing Roomba 692:

  • The lack of a digital mapping system is one of its major drawbacks.
  • It is a source of noise-oriented irritation as you cannot watch something on your mobile phone and tv while it is still on.
  • It has a good battery of 90-120 minutes but is not good enough to carry out day-long activities.
  • Being an electricity-charged tool, long hours of outages can affect its effectiveness and utility.
  • It requires proper maintenance as its sensors can get easily dirty and influence its working capacity.
  • It shows an inability to detect fine particles like particles of sugar on all kinds of surfaces.
  • It has the facility of bristle-style brush rolling, which is deemed useful, but it can suffer a potential setback if it gets clogged by hair.
  • The prospect of emptying its dustbin automatically is absent. So doing it manually is the option you have been stuck with.
  • Lack of auto-resume provision its recharge.

Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum

Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum

Roomba 694 is an excellent vacuum cleaner that shows comparatively good performance. It is characterized by the same features one can easily find in Roomba 692.

However, when it comes to irobot 692 vs 694 some extraordinary features make it stands out among other vacuum cleaners in some domains. It is easy to use and provides you with good performance.

If you are looking for an efficient robotic vacuum cleaner, Roomba 694 is worth giving a shot at. It has an advanced cleaning system for deep cleaning of much-crowded places in your home. It has the facility of navigating your house and cleaning it properly. You can use it anywhere and give it instructions through your smartphone.


It shows compatibility with all surfaces ranging from hardwoods to laminated ones.


It downgrades the chances of damage. It is equipped with cliff detectors which avert it from falling from high places like a staircase during cleaning.

It is a wholesome package consisting of a well-advanced set of detectors making your cleaning much easier and more thorough.

Location-oriented cleaning makes it easy to clean crowded places in your living space more frequently.


Once you set a cleaning schedule, this robotic vacuum cleaner will act according to your scheduled plans. So, there is no need for you to start it every day manually.


It has a well-developed Aerovac filter which can easily pick up 99% dirt, dust, and debris. It is quite suitable for pet hair. It is beneficial for those allergic to pollens due to its comprehensive filtration facility.


It is also connected with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, making it convenient for you to manage and monitor it efficiently.

Cleaning Performance

It gives you the facility of cleaning your home with its three-stage cleaning power. With the help of this, you can easily collect dust, debris, and dirt from all kinds of places. It has multiple brush systems with sweeping edges for good cleaning purposes. It works more efficiently even on high-quality carpets than other vacuum cleaners.

Dust Bin

It has a dustbin capacity of 0.7l.


It can easily prepare itself for automatic charging after running for approximately 90-120 minutes.

No Entanglements

Being wireless keeps you away from entangling yourself with chords and wires. It invalidates the discomfort of entangled air in its extractor because of its smooth-rolling system.

Parts & Accessories

Another big difference between Roomba 692 and 694 is the massive availability of Roomba 694 parts. You can easily buy its parts after its production.

Reasons For Renouncing The Use Of Roomba 694

  • Like other edge-cutting robotic vacuum cleaners, Roomba 694 is bereft of a mapping system.
  • Battery timing is not good enough for such cleaners meant for comprehensive cleaning.
  • Incessant power outages can hinder your activities and influence the cleaner’s utility.
  • Emptying its dustbin requires a hand, so you must do it manually.
  • It takes approximately three hours for Roomba 694 to get recharged completely.
  • Once it shuts down due to low battery, it doesn’t have to facility of auto-resuming. Restarting it manually is the last option.
  • It lacks specificity as it cannot clean particular rooms in your home.
  • The presence of poor airflow obstructs its capacity to perform deep cleaning.
  • It is devoid of specific zone cleaning; this drawback dilutes its efficiency.
  • It is a bit expensive regarding its features and characteristics. You can easily buy another vacuum cleaner model with better and more advanced facilities at such a price.
  • It requires proper and regular maintenance for unhindered working capacity.
  • It usually comes on the market with a warranty of only one year.

The Rationale Behind Choosing Between Roomba 692 And 694

After reviewing Roomba’s positive and negative aspects, it is not difficult to choose between Roomba 692 and 692. But, choices don’t merely depend on positive and negative aspects. For this purpose, you need to factor in some other factors to choose pragmatic grounds.

Roomba 694 is an excellent choice compared to Roomba 692. It shows lesser compatibility for all kinds of surfaces. It is the best choice for low-quality carpets and hardwoods. Roomba 694 doesn’t provide reasonable satisfaction to customers and users regarding high-quality carpets.

Collecting hair on the carpets and floors is a daunting task and requires a well-efficient collection and extraction apparatus. Roomba 692 is not suitable for collecting the pet’s hair comparable to Roomba 694, which is satisfactory for its Three-stages cleaning systems. Roomba 692 is equipped with a brittle rolling brush system responsible for entangling hair in its extraction system. It can also exhibit shortcomings in assembling fine particles on surfaces. Moreover, a small dustbin capacity also shapes customers’ choices of what to choose.

It doesn’t have good battery timing. It becomes problematic when you have cleaning plans for more than ninety minutes. It falls short of cutting-edge navigation adaptors. It is impossible to carry out proper navigation and cleaning of your house in your absence.

When it comes to Roomba 694 vs 692 prices. Roomba 692 is more expensive than Roomba 694. In markets, it offers $200, whereas Roomba 694 can be bought at $175.

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Roomba 694 VS 692 Conclusion

People are usually fond of comfort and seek it by using different technologies. Roombas are great robotic vacuum cleaners with plenty of advantages. There are different models of Roomba in the markets depending upon their specifications, facility, utility, effectiveness, and price rates. If a product is costly but efficient in providing comfort to customers, it is worth using despite its high price. Drawbacks are also an important part of a product, and you cannot rule them out completely. After discussing the difference between Roomba 692 and 694 in detail I hope you are now able to find the best one for you!

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